Plot Vs Flat : Which is the best investment?

Real estate is one of the best investment decisions in India because the potential growth rate of real estate is high compared to other markets. Both the investors and users face a dilemma that either to invest in a land or in a flat. Here we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both investment options which will help you to make the best decision.

Pros of investing in a Plot


Customization is one of the added benefits of the landowners. Plots will give the freedom to design the house on their own. According to your personal preference, you can either construct a shop or a residential building. You can search for the new projects in Chennai before finalizing the land.

Value Appreciation

In most of the metro cities, the value of the land gets increased day by day. As a property owner, you can construct residential apartments or keep the land empty as per your requirement.

Fewer Hassles

 When purchasing a land you don’t want to invest in maintenance and thus, you can easily cut down the overheads. The users are delivered with the land on time once they complete the full payment.

Pros of investing in a Flat

Financial Assistance

Once you looking to buy an apartment or flats in Chennai, there is a number of banks available to give financial assistance. They will help you by offering home loans up to 85% as well as you can get other tax benefits.

Return on Investment

Due to increased demand on residential properties in the hot area of Chennai like Pallavaram, vadapalani, T.Nagar you will always get a high return on investment. You can also get the second income by renting your apartment in a recent amount.


Owning a ready to move apartments in Chennai has become the choice for many. There are numerous facilities and amenities you can easily get along when buying apartment buildings. You can live a stress and a comfortable life when you invest in a flat.

Final Thoughts

Buying a land or residential building is based on the requirements of the individuals. In both the cases, you have pros and cons.  Make sure you know the checklist before buying a property or land.

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