Medical Assistant Training

Many people are interested to work in the medical field, but are unsure what they would like to do. Those who enjoy helping others and want to begin working in a relatively short period of time must consider medical assistant training. These highly skilled medical professionals work directly with doctors and patients to provide health care. Medical assistants may choose to work in many different healthcare settings including hospitals, nursing homes and private duty practices. Medical assistant training will provide students with the necessary tools to work in any healthcare setting they choose.

Medical assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks. When taking courses for medical assistant training, students will learn how to correctly perform clerical duties. Depending on the work setting, medical assistants may be required to update patient records, schedule appointments, return phone calls to patients and pharmacies and maintain insurance information. Medical assistants also work directly with patients. Typically, it is the medical assistant that escorts patients to treatment rooms and takes vital signs. Medical assistants must be able to accurately take blood pressure, temperature, patient history information and respiratory rates. Medical assistant training also teaches students how to give injections, apply wound dressings and take blood and urine samples. Doctors also trust medical assistants to provide follow-up care to their patients.

Medical assistant training consists of in-class course work, as well as an externship in a healthcare setting. During the course work, students will learn anatomy, medical terminology, laboratory methods, medicine administration and proper medical ethics. Working in a healthcare facility is the most important part of medical assistant training, as this teaches students lessons in patient care that cannot be learned inside the classroom. Many students are offered jobs after graduation from their externship medical assistant training. After graduating, students may wish to obtain medical assistant certification. Students can obtain this certification after completing medical assistant training from an accredited program, such as the reputable American Association of Medical Assistants. Many students receive their certification online through accredited certification programs.

Just how long it takes to complete medical assistant training depends on how many courses the student takes and the speed at which he or she learns. Generally, most medical assistants complete their training and certification within one year. It may take longer for students who are specializing in a certain medical field such as orthopedics or pediatrics.

Those who undergo medical assistant training must have excellent communication skills, patience, dedication and a friendly disposition. A willingness to help people is another important skill for medical assistants. Once medical assistant training and certification is complete, students can begin working in their chosen field.

A talented and dedicated medical assistant is an asset to any doctor’s office, hospital or nursing home. These medical professionals keep things moving smoothly and perform tasks that doctors and nurses simply do not have time to do. Many medical assistants find they enjoy the medical field and go on to attend nursing classes to obtain their LPN or RN degree.