Why is Java So Popular Among Programmers And Developers?

Why is Java So Popular Among Programmers And Developers?

why java is popularIt’s not easy to stay in the top five programming languages year after year, especially at an era where programming languages and technology are exploding. And Java has done so with relative ease. Here we have explained the features of java, Java training in Chennai at FITA Academy will enhance your technical skills in Java programming language.

Features Of Java:

User-Friendly Language

Learning Java for a novice consists of two stages: learning Core Java and then mastering Advanced Java. It means that learning Java is a lot easier. Furthermore, if a user is comfortable with installing JDK and configuring Classpath, the rest is a breeze. “Java is C++ without the guns, clubs, and knives,” as James Gosling put it, which indicates that if a learner has a fundamental understanding of C and C++, mastering Java will take less time.

Rich in API

The Application Programming Interface (API) for Java is vast and comprehensive. Despite the fact that the language only has 50 keywords, the Java API has hundreds of methods that can be utilised directly in any programme. It is not even necessary for a Java developer to have hands-on experience with all of them; merely having a fundamental understanding of them would enough for programming in Java comfortably.

The Java API includes methods for connecting to databases, parsing XML, dealing with input-output, and networking, among other things. Open source libraries such as Gson, Google Guava, Apache POI, and Apache Commons can also be used by programmers. Java Online Course will enhance your programming skills with the best practical knowledge.

Offers a Package of Powerful Development Tools

Another feature that sets Java apart is its all-encompassing Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It comes with a lot of automation tools, as well as an editor and a debugger. The Java IDEs NetBeans and Eclipse are widely popular among developers. Maven and ANT for creating Java programmes, decompilers, JConsole, Visual VM for monitoring Heap utilisation, and Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Delivery are all powerful Java tools.

The Number One in Community Support

Another reason why Java is such a popular and dynamic programming language is because of its large community. It’s also the second most popular in the Stack Overflow community, demonstrating its enormous popularity and user base.

Widely Used by Industry Giants

Java’s RunTime Environment (JRE) is beautifully compatible with any existing device, including Macintosh, Unix/Linux, mainframe systems, Windows, and mobile phones. This is due to the fact that Java is platform agnostic, requiring only the JRE to be installed on the device on which the application will be launched. Yes, you’re ready to go!

Even today, many of the industry’s biggest names in banking, retail, and utilities use Java. All of this is feasible because to Java’s “Write Once Run Anywhere” (WORA) functionality!


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